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1. Invest in professional cosmetics brands, such as, of course, Great Face Café. Professional brands offer a broad range of shades and undertones that can be blended for a perfect complexion finish. Don’t be fooled by just glitzy packaging. The performance of the makeup is what will give you’re the best results.

2. Professional appearance. Keep it simple. Wear all black or black top and slacks. Leave your sexy backout, or low-cut cleavagae tops for the clubs.

3.Clean kits. Make sure your kit, brushes, apron/smock, are clean and tidy. Sanitation is everything and please believe, the clients notice and are paying attention.

4. Quality photos of your work. Don’t just leave your pictures on your digital camera or phone. Either print them out and create a photo book or create a nice portfolio presentation on your tablet.

5. Show up early. Never be late. They are paying you and are expecting you to be professional. No one wants to hear excuses. After the makeover, be sure to leave business cards and gather their information so they can follow you on social media.


6. Learn the difference in product performance with all the different types of makeup: airbrush, mineral makeup, high-definitions, etc. The more you practice using these different types of makeup you not only have more options to make available to your clients, but you’ll be better able to know when to use certain products for certain jobs.